When you first meet Teacher Charlotte, she is quick to tell anyone over 3-feet-tall that it might take a little time to remember their name.  If you’re a child, she’s likely to remember your name on the first try.

If you watch her a little longer you’ll realize why she’s been teaching co-op preschool at Broadview for 15 years, where she currently instructs all three age groups.  Her passion for the children’s growth is evident in everything she does.  She paraphrases Will Rogers with her own line that states, “I never met a child I didn’t like.” 

Teacher Charlotte & Mr. Moo

Charlotte was first interested in the co-op system when she came to Seattle to earn her Master’s Degree in Education, with an emphasis on Special Education and Early Childhood Education.   She has worked with preschoolers since the mid 1970s on the East Coast and in Seattle.

Charlotte was so impressed with the way the co-op system supports families and children that she attended co-op with her own two children. She couldn’t tear herself away, so when the time came to return to paid employment, she became a co-op teacher.

Charlotte works with parents in the classroom to foster self-esteem, independence and learning for both them and their children. She provides an environment rich in activities like art, dramatic play, singing and climbing. She introduces students to age appropriate science experiments.

She also helps parent assistants teach preschoolers to navigate socially by communicating needs to peers and adults.
Charlotte’s classroom is large and organized into interesting stations for our children to explore and learn while developing new social relationships.  We have a solid fundraising program and the sense of camaraderie among parents is apparent upon entering the classroom.

Field Trips are an important part of Broadview’s commitment to learning. These opportunities allow for children to learn outside of the classroom and experience “hands on” activities. Previous field trips have included visits to a pumpkin farm, grocery store, fire station, the Seattle Tilth, the Woodlawn Park Zoo, Center for Wooden Boats and Carkeek Park.