Broadview Cooperative Preschool is located in North Seattle’s Broadview neighborhood. Our classroom is a large and bright space that allows for dramatic play, large motor skill development, circle time, sensory and art stations and a library space. We have an outdoor play area that includes a new climbing structure, a sandbox and riding toys including tricycles. 

We offer programs for Toddlers, Pre-3’s and 3 to 5’s programs. Our Co-op has a strong history with many returning parents, children and teachers. The opportunity to spend time with our children in a preschool setting and watch their development along with their peers is a treasured experience. Many long-lasting relationships between children – and between parents – have started at Broadview Co-op.

What Is A “Cooperative Preschool?”  How Does It Work?

A Cooperative Preschool, or “Co-op” is an engaging early learning environment that is run in cooperation with a trained preschool teacher and parents.  The co-op preschool teacher leads the class and includes parents as co-teachers in the classroom.  Co-op preschools are non-profit businesses, and parents may also participate in the management of the preschool itself.

Our co-op is affiliated with North Seattle Community College (NSCC).  Through this affiliation, families receive parent education from trained parent educators and practice techniques in the preschool classroom.

There are 40 co-op preschools in the Seattle Community College system, 11 of which are affiliated with NSCC and located in Seattle’s North end.  Each co-op is an independent non-profit school run by a skilled and licensed preschool teacher, the children’s parents, and a parent educator from NSCC.

Teachers plan and implement a developmentally-appropriate curriculum for each class.  Parents assist in the classroom and perform administrative tasks.  Parent educators advise teachers and parents to help build parenting skills.

THe NSCC co-op preschools follow the Seattle Public School’s academic calendar and run from September to May or June.  Co-op preschools are age-based, with one parent from each family working one day per week.

Co-op Type        Minimum age by 8/31        Class Frequency & Duration
Infants               Less than 1 year old            1 day/week for 2 hours
Toddlers            1 year old                           1 day/week for 2 hours
Pre-3s                2 years old                          2 days/week for 2 hours
3-5s                   3 years old                          3 to 4 day/week for 2.5 hours
Pre-K                 5 years old                          4 days/week, times vary

What’s your involvement?

Each parent is required to work in the classroom, hold a position on the board or participate on a committee, to fundraise, and attend monthly parent meetings (typically in the evening).  Again, regardless of how often a class meets, a parent only needs to work one day per week.

Our Curriculum

Our teachers and parents work to provide an interesting and meaningful learning experience for our preschoolers using the emergent curriculum model.

Emergent curriculum describes the kind of curriculum that develops when exploring what is socially relevant, intellectually engaging, and personally meaningful to our preschoolers. Emergent curriculum arises naturally from adult-child interactions and situations that allow for teachable moments.

Emergent curriculum is not built on children’s interests alone.  Teachers and parents also have interests worth bringing into the curriculum. The values and concerns of all the adults involved help the classroom culture evolve.

What’s Special About Broadview Co-op?

Our room is large and organized into interesting stations for our children to explore and learn while developing new social relationships. We have a solid fundraising program and the sense of camaraderie among parents is apparent upon entering the classroom.

Field Trips are an important part of Broadview’s commitment to learning. These opportunities allow for children to learn outside of the classroom and experience “hands on” activities. Previous field trips have included visits to a pumpkin farm, a grocery store, a fire station, Seattle Tilth, Woodlawn Park Zoo and Carkeek Park.

Extended day programs are for children who will be at least 4 years of age by August 31st, which begins in November and runs through May. This program allows older children to develop skills appropriate to their ages and that requires more attention and detail. The teacher will determine days and times.