Before my first child, I had never heard of co-op preschool. I knew about preschool, I worked in one when I was in college. My husband, Matt, was child in co-op with his mom and said it was an experience he remembered and wanted to share with his children. We signed up. I had no idea what I signed up for.
I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I have.
A Happy Broadview Co-op Family
Co-op has been a rare gift that my entire family has had the joy in sharing. We have been fortunate that Matt and I have both been able to work in the classroom.  My oldest has moved on this year after four years with Teacher Charlotte and my youngest is in his third year at Broadview. It has been so much fun to watch them grow among other children who are conquering some of the same challenges.
We have met amazing families; learned parenting skills that have stretched and/or strengthened our philosophies. We have become more balanced in our approach to guiding our children into school, through adolescence, into adulthood and beyond.
Through it all, the experiences of other parents, both who have been there and those who are yet to be has brought me comfort.  I am constantly reminded in the classroom that each child (and adult if I’m completely honest) is tackling milestones in their own time. I look around and see one child who is practicing skills with toileting, another with language and yet another who has amazing focus and vision with the art projects. And then I look around and often seen the same look of simultaneous exhaustion and joy as each of them make progress or drop the task completely to work on something else.
This joy and comfort is why my goal this year is to focus on building community among and within each of our classes. I plan on events throughout the year that include each of the classes so we can all get to know each other and meet new people.
As it is with most of life, effort is necessary for the joys to be plentiful. As participants in cooperative preschool, we are all members and owners of the business that we call preschool. Each job that we do, each dollar we raise in fundraising, each dollar we pay in tuition goes to improve the experiences of our children and ourselves.
Each class has representatives on the All-School Board. Your ideas are important. Please share ideas with your class board members.
We have space in each of our classes. The board is exploring strategies to increase enrollment so we can share the joys of co-op with other families. It turns out, co-op is one of the best kept secrets around; please invite friends to check us out.  Here’s the link:

We are also interested in ideas you may have about spreading the word. Your class chairperson and parent coordinator will bring your ideas to the All-School Board.
Let’s make it a wonderful year.