Many thanks to Irene for sharing these ideas for Holiday Adventures…

–  Go to Swanson’s nursery for a late breakfast and to see live 
–  Take treats for the wild creatures to Discovery or Carkeek park and leave them about.
–  Read about holiday traditions in other cultures & pick one to try.
–  Visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory on a really cold day to experience the warmth & scents of more tropical climes.
–  Buy and take food to the food bank.
–  Make newsprint wrapping paper by doing crayon rubbings or paint prints of cedar boughs and pine needles. 
–  Make special holiday treats (biscuits, toys) for friends & pets.
–  Collect pine cones for decorations; maybe glitter them, maybe not.
–  Ride the ferry to Bainbridge & ride back in time to see Seattle all lit up.
–  Make pine cone bird feeders & put them in the yard.
–  See the zoo lights at Point Defiance Zoo.
–  Go downtown on a weekday to look at the decorations & ride the carousel.
–  Do a holiday jigsaw puzzle.
–  Read winter & holiday stories aloud, under a quilt on the couch.
–  Talk about Hanukkah & put out the menorah.
–  Decorate the car  
–  If it’s cold enough, make ice ornaments to hang in the yard (water + food
color + string in muffin tins & leave outside overnight to freeze).

–  Go for crumpets with maple butter and cream cheese at the crumpet Shop at Pike
Place Market.
–  Make an English Holiday Tea, with fancy china, little sandwiches, ices,cookies, maybe with friends too.
–  Start an annual taco party
–  Have friends over for a kid’s movie in the evening or watch holiday shows.
–  if it’s not too wet, make a fire on the deck with Andes Mints ‘smores.
–  Drive to snow.
–  Meet friends at Seattle Center for Winterfest (train table, choirs, carousel,lights).
–  Make a gingerbread house.
–  Make challah.
–  Look at photos from previous Christmases.
–  Decorate the inside of the house.
–  Put lights on the house.
–  Get the tree.
–  Buy a special ornament for this year.
Other ideas that might be of interest.

–  Learn to play a holiday song on an instrument.
–  Take a moonlit walk in the snow.
–  Invite family or friends to have a sleepover.
–  Cuddle under a blanket.
–  Learn to say ”I Love You” in 5 languages.
–  Go ice skating.
–  Write 10 things you are thankful for.
–  Write down the 10 best memories from the past year.
–  Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.
–  Share your favorite holiday memories.
–  Write down your favorite traditions.
–  Write down traditions you want to start with your family.
–  Bake cookies.
–  Ready a book by the fire.
–  Watch family videos.
–  Have dinner by candlelight.
–  Make breakfast food for dinner and eat in your pajamas.
–  Deliver gifts to neighbors and friends
–  Cut out paper snowflakes.
–  Make popcorn string.
–  Make cheerio string.
–  Watch the snow fall.
–  Make reindeer puppets.
–  Build a snowman.
–  Eat snow.
–  Go sledding.
–  Make snow angels.
–  Make and send holiday cards.
–  Wear silly holiday socks.
–  Have hot chocolate with all the fixings.
–  Star gaze.
–  Go out for sushi.
–  Have an indoor picnic.
–  Use puppets to tell bedtime story.
–  Have breakfast for dinner (snowman pancakes?).
–  Have a camp out around the Christmas tree.
–  Pack a picnic and have it at a park (or Botanical Gardens).
–  Wear fancy dress for dinner time.
–  Buy and wrap a gift for a charity organization.
–  Make handmade gift tags.
–  Get Fish and Chips take-out for dinner and eat down at the beach.
–  Fold origami decorations.
–  Dance like crazy to music.
–  Watch a holiday movie with popcorn.
–  Go out for ice cream.
–  Take grandparents out to see the Christmas lights.
–  Take a holiday-scented bubble bath (like gingerbread or peppermint or eggnog).
–  Make your own flavor of ice cream.
–  Make snow men, one for each family member.
–  Make molassas candy on the snow.
–  Paint your lawn by using food coloring on the snow.
–  Go christmas caroling, maybe at a local retirement home.
–  Go to a local animal shelter and volunteer to take some dogs walking.
–  Decorate every door in the house.
–  Wrap gifts.
–  Donate food to a shelter or food bank.
–  Write someone a letter telling them how special they are to you.
–  Visit family.
–  Bake cookies + deliver them to friends.
–  Sing holiday songs.
–  Drink spiced cider.
–  Attend a holiday concert, choir or play.
–  Hang mistletoe.
–  Take a drive or walk to see the holiday lights.
–  Make a paper snowman.
–  Make muffins.
–  Make and decorate gingerbread houses.