An immense thank you to all of our community; to those that purchased food, adult beverages, or tubs of cookie dough from our various fundraisers, to those of you that attended a Spring Carnival, to enrolled families of the past and present, and to everyone who supported our wonderful preschool in countless other ways. Because of you Broadview Cooperative Preschool has been able to teach and support children and families in our neighborhood and beyond. 

Sadly, the many challenges of the past year and the additional barriers we continue to face have hit our preschool hard and the difficult decision has been made to close Broadview Co-op. Our school year ends on 5/21/21. 

However, there is a silver lining and a great partnership has been made! Broadview Co-op will merge with Meadowbrook Cooperative Preschool for the school year beginning in September 2021. Our current families are able to seamlessly transfer to the supportive and enriching program available at Meadowbrook Co-op. And there is room for new families to join, too.

Please check out the offerings at Meadowbrook Co-op and enroll your child today!