Our Curriculum

Our teachers and parents work together to provide an interesting and meaningful learning experience for our preschoolers using the emergent curriculum model.

Emergent curriculum develops when preschoolers explore what is socially relevant, intellectually engaging, and meaningful to them as individuals. Emergent curriculum arises naturally from adult-child interactions and situations that allow for teachable moments.  However, emergent curriculum is not built on children’s interests alone; teachers and parents also bring interests that enrich the curriculum. The abilities of all the adults involved help the classroom culture evolve.  Parent participation can have a huge impact on what our students learn!

What’s Special about Broadview?

A solid sense of camaraderie among parents is apparent upon entering our classroom.  We are a strong, compassionate community that’s committed to helping our children learn in a stimulating and socially secure environment.  Equally evident are our engaged students who are learning essential skills in a rich educational environment.  Our space is large and well organized, with plenty of room for children to explore and learn while developing friendships.

Field trips are an important part of Broadview’s commitment to learning. These opportunities allow for children to learn outside of the classroom and experience “hands on” activities.  Field trips may include visits to a pumpkin farm, grocery store, fire station, Seattle Tilth, Woodland Park Zoo, Carkeek Park, and Ida Culver (an assisted living facility nearby).

Parent Education

One of the most valuable parts of co-op preschool is the opportunity for parents to learn, too!  Parents receive valuable parent education over the course of the year from an North Seattle College (NSC) appointed Parent Education instructor.  Our Parent Educators seem to know exactly the right moment to impart needed advice and positive parenting methods. The parent education piece is invaluable and an important part of our preschool culture making us unique among other local preschool options.

What’s your Involvement? 

A cooperative preschool is run by parents. An All School Board (ASB) runs each school and a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) collectively runs North Seattle Cooperative Preschools. You may find more information on How Coops Work on the North Seattle Cooperative Preschool’s website. Each parent is expected to:

  • Work one day per week in the classroom
  • Hold a position on the board or participate on a committee
  • Fundraise
  • Attend monthly parent education meetings

Anyone may work in the classroom including Dads, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, or Nannies or similar care providers.

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