Gelato fundraiser with Nutty Squirrel

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Well, delicious gelato in this case.

Buy a cookie kit from Nutty Squirrel by March 31st and $5 of your purchase will directly support our cooperative preschool.

Each kit includes the following:

  • 2 pints of Gelato
  • 8 take and bake cookies by La Liath Bakery
  • Squirrel Stash Sprinkles
  • Premium melting chocolate
  • A Seattle sticker by Draw Stuff

Please pick “Broadview Coop” from the drop down menu when placing your order.

Thank you.

Cookie Dough for sale – hurry, act fast.

Broadview Coop Preschool is again selling tubs of Cougar Mountain Cookie Dough. Yum! Please order now through 10/26 by emailing Pick up or delivery is available beginning after 11/12.

The locally made, all-natural, and certified kosher cookie dough comes in three pound tubs. Each tub makes about four dozen cookies. The tubs can remain in the fridge for three months or in the freezer for a year. Each tub costs $17.

Available flavors below:

  • Original Chocolate Chunk
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon
  • Double Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Classic Peanut Butter
  • Chewy Molasses-Ginger
  • Lemon Cheesecake
  • All-Butter, Rolled Sugar
  • Pumpkin Cookie Dough

In-person learning is here

Broadview Cooperative Preschool is now providing safe in-person learning and play opportunities. School wide playdates are available once weekly in our sizable parking lot complete with sanitized ride on toys, balls, and playground equipment. Strict COVID safety measures are taken including electronic sign-ins and temperature checks on site. Children age 3 years and older are encouraged to wear a face covering. All adults comply with social distancing and face covering guidelines.

In addition, our 3-5’s class meets once weekly in the parking lot for specific lessons geared toward their needs and development.

Openings remain in all classes. Enroll today. A 25% tuition reduction continues while King County is in Phase 2.

In person learning coming soon

Good news for preschoolers and their grown ups: more learning options are starting soon at Broadview Cooperative Preschool.

We know that preschoolers don’t learn best by watching screens. In person interaction helps preschoolers’ brains learn and grow and helps develop critical social skills. For families desperately seeking this kind of learning our school will soon add the following optional sessions to our already robust virtual learning programs. 

New opportunities coming soon include:

  • School wide outside play dates once weekly
  • In-person outdoors class once weekly for our 3-5’s students  

Broadview Co-op Preschool is following strict COVID-19 safety measures. 

Openings remain for all ages. Enroll now.

Fall 2020 school year at Broadview Co-op

Because the health and safety of our students, parents, and teachers come first Broadview Co-op has made the difficult decision to provide remote only learning for all our classes during Phase 2 of the Governor’s Safe Start Washington Plan. Even during these difficult times our teachers will continue to work hard to support our student’s learning and enrichment and our robust network of Parent Educators will provide ongoing collaboration and resources for our parents and caregivers.

Students and parents will see several other changes this year including combining the Toddlers and Pre 3’s class, a new teacher helping with 3-5’s instruction, scheduling changes, and a reduced tuition option. Classes are scheduled to begin on Monday, September 14th and there are openings in all levels. Please review the page for each class for specific details.

School leaders are already making plans for instruction during Phase 3 of Safe Start Washington.

Black Lives Matter

Broadview Cooperative Preschool believes that Black Lives Matter, Black Preschool Lives Matter, and we denounce racism in all its forms. To be silent is to be complicit. We will do the work to better understand the deep and enduring impacts of racism and privilege and the actions that Broadview Cooperative Preschool can take to overcome them. We will be humble, listen, and strive to always be better.

COVID-19 and 2020-21 School Year

Right now we are living in unprecedented and challenging times. Now more than ever it has become all the more important for us to come together and form a loving community for our children. Even though in this uncertain and ever changing times making decisions is difficult, but we want to assure you all that we are working to build on innovative ways to support your child’s development and fostering relationships and sense of community among co-op families.

While it is still unclear what guidance and restrictions from public health agencies may be in place this fall, we are looking at these different scenarios.

  • Stay Home/Phase 1 or 2– Remote learning only
  • Phase 3 or 4 with Seattle Public Schools in limited or no in-person school– hybrid with remote and some in-person preschool
  • Phase 4 and Seattle Public Schools in normal session – in-person school, with possible remote learning for families who need it

We are closely watching Public Health guidelines and our All School Board is developing site specific details as needed. Broadview Co-op already has in place policies for parents and children who are sick to stay home and hand-washing of parents and children is built into our co-op schedules. As always, the health and safety of your children, yourself and your families will be our highest priority.

How to Build Community in Cooperative Preschool

Cooperative preschool is all about building your community through the common bond: our children. Here is a whole community of parents, teachers, and parent educators who know what it is like to raise a young child. We support one another. We give our children the opportunity to grow in a warm and nurturing environment. There are two parts to co-oping and they are inseparable: trusting and being trustworthy. To trust others with our children is an act of faith. To be worthy of the trust other parents place in us is an honor. How do we go about building that trust? How can we help, encourage and support one another in raising our children? How do we build community in co-op preschool?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Get to know each other! Take every opportunity to meet and get to know the other parents. When you go to the class meetings, the social events and meet-ups, the work parties, and to the preschool itself, be open to meeting new people. Resist the Seattle freeze! Smile and say “Good morning” or “Good-bye” to your child’s classmates and parents. Reach out for playdates outside of class time.
  • Offer to help someone. Arrange a meal train for a parent who is having a new baby. If you see another family struggling, offer to help (carpooling to school, watch a child when someone has a doctor’s appointment, etc.). Help the child who is having trouble separating from his or her parent. Guide and mentor families that are new to co-op.  
  • Accept help. When you are stressed out and someone offers help, accept it. You will have an opportunity to repay them another day. If no one offers, do not hesitate to ask. There are many good hearted people here.
  • Be positive! Look for the good, and cheer it on. Everyone here is sensitive, of course, about their children and parenting. Be kind. Keep confidences.
  • Notice how and what other children are doing. Many of us are curious to know just what our children are like when we aren’t there. Share the good things that happened at preschool with the parents at pick up.  
  • Organize. Buddy up with another parent who works on your non-working day. This parent can be your child’s special helper for that day, and you can be their child’s helper on your workday. Spend time with every child in the classroom, learn their names, and play with them. The more people in the class your child trusts, the more secure he or she will feel.
  • Follow through on your commitments. Be reliable. Give grace to those who need it and are struggling in this area.
  • Try something different. Preschool is an opportunity to experiment. We can play different games, in different ways from what your own child would choose. We learn about our child’s friends and about the world of possibilities open to him or her.
  • Look to the future. Preschool years are the beginnings. Encourage your child’s friendships; they can begin at the co-op and last for many years. Maintain your own friendships as well. The parents with whom you co-op will turn up again and again, volunteering, coaching, helping in the community and taking leadership positions in the schools. They are your resource people and your support – your community.

Co-oping is determination, cooperation, and optimism. The community of co-op has helped many families. Yes, it takes time, and effort, and energy. Is it worth is? We think so. We know so.

Open House!

Come see what Broadview Co-op Preschool is all about! We really put the “C” in co-op with an emphasis on our Community. Meet Teacher Michelle, Teacher Angie, and many of our currently enrolled families.

We have classes for:

  • Toddlers, children who are 1 year old by August 31st
  • Pre-3s, children who are 2 years old by August 31st
  • 3 to 5s, children who are 3 years old by August 31st
  • PreK, children who are 4 years old August 31st

Come and play with us!