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Cooperative preschool can be so rewarding for both your child and for yourself. Your child will not only benefit from the early learning opportunities in literacy, math, art and science, but will also get to have lots of child-to-child and child-to-adult social interaction. As a parent, you will get to see your child thrive both in and out of the classroom, plus you will benefit from parent education classes and college credits from North Seattle College.

Want to come and check out cooperative preschool for yourself? Sign up for a free class today! Free trial classes are available in our Toddler (age 1 by August 31, 2016) and 3-5s classes. Our toddler class meets on Thursdays from 9:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., while our 3-5s class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 am to 12:00 p.m., and Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Students who are going into kindergarten the following year (age four by August 31, 2016) may also attend a pre-k class every Tuesday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., which focuses on kindergarten readiness.

Bring your child and come check out our new classroom, meet our teachers, and join in the fun with our students! You will learn all about our preschool, while your child participates in a full preschool class.

Please click here to sign up today!

Success! Our Best Spring Carnival ever!

2016 Spring Carnival Broadview Coop Preschool

Our Annual Spring Carnival funds scholarships for families in need to attend Broadview CoOp Preschool, and this year was our best year to date in fundraising. We have so many people to thank, starting with our fabulous volunteer team who organized the carnival itself: Jennifer, Laura, Ashley and Trisha. Thank you parents for all your work in making our carnival the best yet!

Our silent auction and raffle were particularly amazing this year, with items from local businesses and families that were fun and exciting. Everything from food gift certificates, to sports games to summer time activities, we had it all. Thank you for everyone who won their items – we hope you enjoy them!

Thank you to all these amazing local sponsors and families who helped make the carnival great!

Oak Tree Starbucks
Razzi’s Pizzeria
Taproot Theatre
Saffron Grill
Mamma Stortini’s
Thai Siam
Ristorante Piccolino
Flying House Productions
Woodland Park Zoo
5th Avenue Theater
Jennifer Lund Massage
My Little Lion Designs
School of Rock
Roosevelt Ale House
National Drycleaners
Kate’s Pub
Stella & Dot
Roosevelt Ale House
Chuck’s Ale House
Seattle Gymnastics Academy
Brittany Warren
Leah Valleroy
Anna Chu
Ashly Lambert
Kiersten Hoskisson
Jennifer Lund
Trisha Covich
Kent Erstad
Gary Covich & Bristol Bay Crab
Elli Koskella
Sunny Jones
Liz Chighizola
Yvonne Devoy
Valerie Vandermolen
Kai Pak & Jason Garfield
Amber Van Voorst
Ashley Clipart
Jeannine Carter
Erin Knapton
Laura Clark
Charlotte Wallstrom
Kristen Kelly
Kim & Peter Mitchell
Glen Osborn
Joie Pedersen
Cheri Bjork
Tanya Yandl
Katie Becker
Meagan Kessler
Office Depot
Central Market

The Seattle Biscuit Truck had a line as long as the carnival itself, and everyone enjoyed delicious biscuit sandwiches. The food was delicious! We are appreciative you came to support the Broadview community! The music was also fun and lively. Thank you for delighting us all with great sounds (even the littles joined in for a bit.)

2016 Spring Carnival Broadview Coop Preschool

We had juggling workshops, games, prizes and such fun on a perfectly gorgeous Seattle day.

2016 Spring Carnival Broadview Coop Preschool

2016 Spring Carnival Broadview Coop Preschool

Teacher Erin and Teacher Charlotte were of course there, as well as all our families and community.

Teacher Erin Broadview Coop Preschool Spring Carnival

Teacher Charlotte Broadview CoOp Preschool Spring Carnival

Check our Facebook for more photos of the event. Thank you for supporting early education here at Broadview Co-Op Preschool!

Spring Carnival!

Our biggest fundraiser and the best event of the year is coming up soon. In early May we will host a community carnival complete with games, raffle and silent auction. All proceeds go to help families in need attend preschool. The Seattle Biscuit truck will be there, offering up delicious treats. We hope you can join us!

Mark you calendar – our annual spring carnival is Friday May 13th 4-7pm!
More details will follow soon.

2016 BCP Spring Carnival Flyer WEB



Open Enrollment

Our wonderful Broadview Cooperative Preschool is taking registrations as of March 19th! Come join the preschool fair at the North Seattle College this Saturday, 10am-12pm. Come meet our fabulous parent coordinators who can tell you all about our school and how to register. We have a few spots left in our 3-5s and Pre-K programs, and more space available in our Toddler and Pre3 classes. Hope you can make it!OpenRegFlyer2016

What does free choice time look like for our 3-5’s class?

If you are new to a cooperative preschool, you may not know the daily curriculum. While we do circle time, outside play time and snack or lunch, our 3-5’s class has a large and exciting “free choice” activity that the kids love. This is really the part where the kids can explore, play and learn. The class is divided up into sections, and each section has a specific area of focus. There is always the home area with cooking, building, dress up and grocery shopping available. Another is the library with books and a cozy couch. However, the real fun are the activities Teacher Erin sets up.

Today we had in the art section, a place for the children to tell a story to the adult who writes it down. We had inspiration of animal toys set up for them to touch and see and hold. Then, after the story has been written down, the child can draw and illustrate their story. It’s a favorite area for sure. As a co-op parent, I love getting these stories back and hearing about the tales my child comes up with.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

The blocks area is often busy, with creative imaginations building and sorting and cooperating amongst themselves. Sometimes they have a plan, sometimes it’s just building. Here they built a very sturdy police department building, and a tower.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

In the science area, we were planting seeds in cups. I think they are flower seeds, and we have wonderful windows with lots of light we set them up high so the kids can watch their plants grow.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

In the math area the children are counting and sorting beans and seeds and gluing them to paper. They can make art, or sort and count, or both.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

Today in our gross motor activity area we had roller skates! It is a big activity and the kids have to take turns. You can see the waitlist where the older children have written down their own names. When one student is done skating, the next name on the wait list is called.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

And last, this very fun and tactile table is set up with a pink slime Teacher Erin made. The kids are having great fun touching it and watching it ooze, hang and stretch.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

Our teachers work very hard to set up activities that children of all abilities will want to participate in, play with and learn from. We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about what happens at cooperative preschool!

Broadview Co-Op Pre3’s visit Swanson’s Nursery

Teacher Charlotte led her Pre 3 class to our local garden center Swanson’s Nursery.

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Each year, Swanson’s celebrates the holidays with long time friends Blitzen and Dasher, as well as Curly the camel. They also have a winter village on display with model trains and fun details (is that Godzilla on the Christmas train or a T-Rex?) that have our children giggling with delight.

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Our class was very lucky to get a tour of the nursery. The children got to use all their senses exploring the wonderful scents and exciting textures of winter in Seattle.

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Thank you to Swanson’s for a fun adventure! We can’t wait to see you again next year. Happy Holidays from Broadview Co-Op!

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Open House!

We welcome you to come explore our school, meet current families and learn about how amazing our teachers Charlotte and Erin are at our Open House. On January 9th from 1pm-3pm we will open our doors and invite you to come explore where we learn and play.

We have classes for 1 to 5 year olds, with an outdoor playground and experiential learning curriculum. Field trips, fun and friendships combine to create a wonderful environment for your children to learn.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!


Join our Pre3 Class for Winter Quarter!

We have availability this Winter for our 2015-2016 NSC cooperative preschool in our Pre 3 class!

Pre 3 Class meets Tuesday and Friday 9:30-11:30
(Child is age 2 by August 31)

At Broadview, you will participate in your child’s education and development under the guidance and care of a trained teacher as well as a parent educator from North Seattle College. The co-op is owned and run through the parents, and you will have a voice in the policy and procedures of your school. Parents will work one day a week in the class, and attend monthly education sessions with the parent educator. This monthly parent meeting is what parents value most, year after year. It provides an excellent resource for community and education.

Teacher Charlotte has over 19 years experience providing a nurturing, healthy environment for children and parents to grow and learn through play based, experiential learning. Our program focuses on helping children (and parents) develop independence and foster self esteem.

Our location provides an excellent outdoor play area for exploration and movement. If you are interested please check us out online or contact one of our parent coordinators! We would love to have you join our community!

There is still time to join in our class for the start of Winter Quarter, and we welcome you into our community of families at Broadview Co-Op!

You can contact our Parent Coordinator Amy to answer questions and help you register for this Winter.

Pre 3 Class – Amy

Our address:
11051 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133

(located in the Grace Lutheran Church, not affiliated with the Church)

Salmon at Carkeek Park!

broadvievw co-op preschool carkeek park

Our Pre-K Program got to experience nature and science as they explored local Carkeek Park this past week to see the returning salmon. Teacher Erin took the kids on a walk around the park to learn first hand about the habitat and life cycle of the salmon.

broadvievw co-op preschool carkeek park

Continuing the in class learning, we pretended to be raindrops rolling down the hill to join Pipers Creek. We enacted the salmon life cycle and created salmon life cycle bead necklaces. We saw salmon working their way up the creek to spawn. We saw salmon whose lifetime had ended and learned about how they create food and nutrients for plants and animals.

broadvievw co-op preschool carkeek park

broadvievw co-op preschool carkeek park

Our salmon expedition included time on the salmon slide and a story time before heading home. We are looking forward to more adventures at Carkeek Park!

broadvievw co-op preschool carkeek park

broadvievw co-op preschool carkeek park

Our class is grateful to have environmental education so close to home. Thank you to Teacher Erin for developing fantastic experiences!

Spiders! A science exploration with Julie Tubbs Luthy at Carkeek Park

Broadview Co-Op offers many great things for children ages 1 to 5 years (not even mentioning the parent support, education, and social networking.) We offer a community but also experiential play based education, excellent child and parent support, age appropriate curriculum, outdoor gross motor activities as well as intricate activities to activate the imagination.

Julie Tubbs Luthy naturalist broadview coop seattle

This fall Teacher Erin gave the 3-5’s class an adventure in natural science with a walking tour of Seattle’s Carkeek Park led by naturalist Julie Tubbs Luthy.

Julie Tubbs Luthy naturalist broadview coop seattle

Julie has spent over 25 years educating children of all ages about the natural world, holding a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Science Education. Her enthusiasm for nature is contagious as you can see from the photos of our class, the children (and grownups) adored learning with Julie.

Julie Tubbs Luthy naturalist broadview coop seattle

Julie was amazing at keeping the spider information both technical and age appropriate, while also keeping these little people engaged and active. It was a fun day, and we all became spider experts by the end of class.

Julie Tubbs Luthy naturalist broadview coop seattle

Julie Tubbs Luthy naturalist broadview coop seattle

The parents and families really make our cooperative preschool special, and when our teachers bring in experts in their field, we have nothing but fun together. Play based learning is exactly what you will find in our school.


Thank you again naturalist Julie and Teacher Erin for being such great leaders!

Julie Tubbs Luthy naturalist broadview coop seattle