Fall Harvest Social!

The start of the school year quickly fades from summer to fall, and at Broadview we are enjoying the change in season. We don’t let a little rain get in our way of playing outdoors.

Broadview Co Op Preschool Seattle

Stories and classroom play focus on the natural world around us, and involve children in learning through story and song.

Teacher Ricci Broadview CoOp Preschool

Teachers Charlotte and Teacher Ricci do their best in all three classes to let discovery and learning happen organically. Below in the 3-5’s group students are learning from flowers picked and brought indoors from Teacher Ricci’s own yard.

Broadview CoOp Preschool

We will be celebrating our wonderful preschool at the Fall Harvest Social. All families of students are invited to attend. Come celebrate the season at Broadview Co-Op Preschool.


Join Us for a Pre-3 Open House at Broadview Co-op Preschool!

Good News — the Pre-3 class is returning to Broadview Co-op Preschool! 
If you have a child between the ages of 2 (as of August 31st, 2013) and 3 (as of August 31st, 2014), this is the program for you!  The Pre-3 program offers a rich, fun-filled environment for your child, and an opportunity to build community and take part in valuable parent education for you. We meet twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9:30 until 11:30.  
Parents work in the classroom one day a week and we offer a wide range of developmental activities and nurture the slow separation that helps children feel secure on the day their parent is not in the classroom. 
Classes begin January 10, 2014. Cost is $93.25 a month. (Parent education cost TBA.)   
Please plan on joining us on November 12, 2013 between 9:30 and 11:30 am for an Open House play date! Please RSVP for this event at: wallstrom@comcast.net or 206-782-0616, or contact us if you are interested in joining us in January!   
Further information about Broadview Co-op Preschool can be found here:  http://coops.northseattle.edu/coops/broadview/broadview.html

Next PAC Lecture: Amy Lang & "Facts by Five"

PAC’s Parent Education committee provides quarterly parent education seminars and lectures for our families and the general public. 

These lectures are free, and there is no registration required.

Facts by Five

by Amy Lang, M.A.

Thursday, February 9, 2012
7:00-9:00 PM

Faith Lutheran Church – Social Hall
8208 18th Ave. NE

Seattle, WA 98115

  • Why you need to start the conversation way earlier than you think
  • Sexual abuse prevention tips that won’t scare them (or you!)
  • The number one way to keep your kids healthy + safe
  • The best way to start the conversations
  • Why knowing your sexual values are key to talking to your kids
  • Tips for making the talks easy, fun and actually
3 time Mom’s Choice Award® winner and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Amy Lang speaks, teaches and writes about talking to kids about the birds + the bees in the Seattle area and around the country.