What does free choice time look like for our 3-5’s class?

If you are new to a cooperative preschool, you may not know the daily curriculum. While we do circle time, outside play time and snack or lunch, our 3-5’s class has a large and exciting “free choice” activity that the kids love. This is really the part where the kids can explore, play and learn. The class is divided up into sections, and each section has a specific area of focus. There is always the home area with cooking, building, dress up and grocery shopping available. Another is the library with books and a cozy couch. However, the real fun are the activities Teacher Erin sets up.

Today we had in the art section, a place for the children to tell a story to the adult who writes it down. We had inspiration of animal toys set up for them to touch and see and hold. Then, after the story has been written down, the child can draw and illustrate their story. It’s a favorite area for sure. As a co-op parent, I love getting these stories back and hearing about the tales my child comes up with.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

The blocks area is often busy, with creative imaginations building and sorting and cooperating amongst themselves. Sometimes they have a plan, sometimes it’s just building. Here they built a very sturdy police department building, and a tower.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

In the science area, we were planting seeds in cups. I think they are flower seeds, and we have wonderful windows with lots of light we set them up high so the kids can watch their plants grow.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

In the math area the children are counting and sorting beans and seeds and gluing them to paper. They can make art, or sort and count, or both.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

Today in our gross motor activity area we had roller skates! It is a big activity and the kids have to take turns. You can see the waitlist where the older children have written down their own names. When one student is done skating, the next name on the wait list is called.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

And last, this very fun and tactile table is set up with a pink slime Teacher Erin made. The kids are having great fun touching it and watching it ooze, hang and stretch.

broadview coop preschool 3-5's free choice play time

Our teachers work very hard to set up activities that children of all abilities will want to participate in, play with and learn from. We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about what happens at cooperative preschool!

Broadview Co-Op Pre3’s visit Swanson’s Nursery

Teacher Charlotte led her Pre 3 class to our local garden center Swanson’s Nursery.

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Each year, Swanson’s celebrates the holidays with long time friends Blitzen and Dasher, as well as Curly the camel. They also have a winter village on display with model trains and fun details (is that Godzilla on the Christmas train or a T-Rex?) that have our children giggling with delight.

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Our class was very lucky to get a tour of the nursery. The children got to use all their senses exploring the wonderful scents and exciting textures of winter in Seattle.

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Thank you to Swanson’s for a fun adventure! We can’t wait to see you again next year. Happy Holidays from Broadview Co-Op!

broadview co op preschool at swanson's nursery

Welcome Glen!

Hello and welcome to our new Toddler Parent Educator Glen Osborn. Glen is a teacher and parent educator with North Seattle College. He brings a wonderful and varied background to our school, and many years experience with education for people of all ages. Glen’s European and Native American ancestry lends itself to his traditional story telling and ceremonial native events. He volunteers with Seattle Public School’s Huchoosedah program (providing Native American culture-based education) and independently teaches continuing education classes for pre-school to college-age teachers. Glen’s hobbies are creative and numerous, enjoying the outdoors equally with juggling, carpentry, science, Sioux tipi making, grandparenting and family travel. We are very excited to have Glen join our Toddler Class!

Glen Osborn

Pre-K Class First Field Trip!

Teacher Erin is starting this Fall off with a fun exploration of nature! Our Pre-K class (children who are 4 by August 31st) have a Tuesday afternoon class where they get the chance to participate in activities a little more advanced than the regular 3-5 year old class. Here, they are learning about the natural sciences, and will be studying this tree and all its changes throughout the school year! We are so lucky to have Teacher Erin, as you can see from the joy on the kid’s faces!
nature walk broadview preschool pre

Renewed Sandbox!

Our sandbox and lid were getting a little old, so our maintenance coordinator Sean Bailey did a shout out for help. In just a few weeks, we had a newly constructed sandbox almost twice as big as before, with a new lid as well! We are so lucky to start off the school year with an expanded sandbox for the children to enjoy. With so much more space, many kids can enjoy the discovery and fun of playing together.

We want to especially thank Terry Dodd for his knowledge and skills, Kim Mitchell for the new sandbox lid donation, and Sean Bailey for making this happen. Your volunteer efforts will effect students not just this year, but many years to come. Thank you so much!


Openings in our Pre3 Class for this year!

We have a few spaces available in our Pre3 Class for this year! If you are still looking for a wonderful preschool contact us to enroll before classes start next week. You can email our Parent Coordinator Amy at broadviewcooppre3@gmail.com to learn more about joining our community at Broadview.

Come see what fun Teacher Charlotte brings to our school when you join our Pre3 Class (Child must be be 2 years old to join this class, our Toddler and 3-5’s classes are all currently full at this time.)


Are you looking for a preschool for Fall? We have openings for 1 or 2 year olds!

We have spots available this Fall for our 2015-2016 NSC cooperative preschool in our Toddler and Pre 3 classes at Broadview!

Toddler Class meets Thursday 9:15-11:15 (Child is age 1 by August 31)
Pre 3 Class meets Tuesday and Friday 9:30-11:30 (Child is age 2 by August 31)

At Broadview, you will participate in your child’s education and development under the guidance and care of a trained teacher as well as a parent educator from North Seattle College. The co-op is owned and run through the parents, and you will have a voice in the policy and procedures of your school. Parents will work one day a week in the class, and attend monthly education sessions with the parent educator. This monthly meeting is what parents value most, year after year. It provides an excellent resource for community and education.

Teacher Charlotte has over 18 years experience providing a nurturing, healthy environment for children and parents to grow and learn through play based, experiential learning. Our program focuses on helping children (and parents) develop independence and foster self esteem.

Our location provides an excellent outdoor play area for exploration and movement. If you are interested please check us out online or contact one of our parent coordinators! We would love to have you join our community!

You can contact our Parent Coordinators to answer questions and help you register for this Fall.
Toddler Class – Liz echighizola81@gmail.com
Pre 3 Class – Eileen eileenkleinfeldman@gmail.com

Our address
11051 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133
(located in the Grace Lutheran Church, not affiliated with the Church)

We also have park play dates all summer where you can meet your future teacher and other attending families. Check out the park playdate schedule below.
Broadview playdate calendar 2015


Hope to see you, and contact us if you have any questions!