Come Work with Us!

Broadview Cooperative Preschool is looking for a caring, creative and enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about cooperative education to lead our 3-5s and PreK classes!

We have indoor and outdoor classroom spaces and we also offer Toddlers and Pre3s classes that culminate in our 3-5s and PreK classes.

We believe that kids learn best during the act of playing freely; Real, unstructured, freely chosen play.

Our North Seattle location has afforded us with exceptional field trip opportunities to Carkeek park and Ida Culver Broadview (an independent and assisted living community).

We trust and empower our kids with the ability to make sense of the world, while learning about themselves, their friends, and the adults working alongside them.

As a cooperative school, our teachers’ role is dual as they provide an environment for children to grow emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically while also providing the parents with direction and serving as a model for working with young children.

Please review our complete job description:

How to apply

To apply, please email us at the following by May 26th to be considered.

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • The names and phone numbers of three professional references

Apply today! Come play with us!

How to Build Community in Cooperative Preschool

Cooperative preschool is all about building your community through the common bond: our children. Here is a whole community of parents, teachers, and parent educators who know what it is like to raise a young child. We support one another. We give our children the opportunity to grow in a warm and nurturing environment. There are two parts to co-oping and they are inseparable: trusting and being trustworthy. To trust others with our children is an act of faith. To be worthy of the trust other parents place in us is an honor. How do we go about building that trust? How can we help, encourage and support one another in raising our children? How do we build community in co-op preschool?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Get to know each other! Take every opportunity to meet and get to know the other parents. When you go to the class meetings, the social events and meet-ups, the work parties, and to the preschool itself, be open to meeting new people. Resist the Seattle freeze! Smile and say “Good morning” or “Good-bye” to your child’s classmates and parents. Reach out for playdates outside of class time.
  • Offer to help someone. Arrange a meal train for a parent who is having a new baby. If you see another family struggling, offer to help (carpooling to school, watch a child when someone has a doctor’s appointment, etc.). Help the child who is having trouble separating from his or her parent. Guide and mentor families that are new to co-op.  
  • Accept help. When you are stressed out and someone offers help, accept it. You will have an opportunity to repay them another day. If no one offers, do not hesitate to ask. There are many good hearted people here.
  • Be positive! Look for the good, and cheer it on. Everyone here is sensitive, of course, about their children and parenting. Be kind. Keep confidences.
  • Notice how and what other children are doing. Many of us are curious to know just what our children are like when we aren’t there. Share the good things that happened at preschool with the parents at pick up.  
  • Organize. Buddy up with another parent who works on your non-working day. This parent can be your child’s special helper for that day, and you can be their child’s helper on your workday. Spend time with every child in the classroom, learn their names, and play with them. The more people in the class your child trusts, the more secure he or she will feel.
  • Follow through on your commitments. Be reliable. Give grace to those who need it and are struggling in this area.
  • Try something different. Preschool is an opportunity to experiment. We can play different games, in different ways from what your own child would choose. We learn about our child’s friends and about the world of possibilities open to him or her.
  • Look to the future. Preschool years are the beginnings. Encourage your child’s friendships; they can begin at the co-op and last for many years. Maintain your own friendships as well. The parents with whom you co-op will turn up again and again, volunteering, coaching, helping in the community and taking leadership positions in the schools. They are your resource people and your support – your community.

Co-oping is determination, cooperation, and optimism. The community of co-op has helped many families. Yes, it takes time, and effort, and energy. Is it worth is? We think so. We know so.

Open enrollment for our 2020-21 school year

In this time of the coronavirus, our preschool may be closed, but no one can close our hearts. Our teachers are still teaching using YouTube and Zoom to give us circle times, reading books, and even cooking and baking. I love feeling connected to our co-op even though we are staying-at-home. Our parent educators are giving us their best resources and support virtually (we love them).

Are you ready? For 2020-21 school year, we have openings in all of our classes. Come play with us!

  • Toddlers, children who are 1 year old by August 31st
  • Pre-3s, children who are 2 years old by August 31st
  • 3 to 5s, children who are 3 years old by August 31st
  • PreK, children who are 4 years old August 31st

Learn what is means to truly have community – the co-op way. Come co-op with us! Enroll today.

Coop schedule

Note, in addition to the monthly tuition stated above, parents / caregivers must register quarterly with North Seattle College ($53.25).

Cancelled | Spring Carnival – Sat May 2nd @ 12-3

This is our big annual fundraiser event that includes games, live music, food truck (Layers Sandwich Co), bake sale, and a silent auction and raffle. The fun is geared towards children age 1 – 8, but all of our community of any age are welcome.

Since our event falls near May the 4th (also known as Star Wars Day), we are bringing the Star Wars with:

  • Star Wars Selfie Wall
  • Droid Building Craft
  • Dress in your favorite Star Wars tees, costume, or cosplay (please no masks or Darth Mauls as they may be scary for our tiny humans)

Proceeds from this event go directly to our scholarship fund to help low income families who attend our much loved co-op.

What should I bring?

  • Cash to participate in the festivities (Food truck will accept debit/credit cards)
  • Your festival gear, such as blankets to picnic on our grassy lawn, camping chairs, resuable water bottles
  • Dress for the weather our event will be outside
Spring Carnival FB Event.png